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Launch meeting !

Our first Open Meeting will be held at The Hub in Kidwelly on Saturday 10th, 10am – midday to invite potential new members. We will explain our long term vision for the Shed and gauge interest regarding activities.

See you there maybe πŸ™‚

Click here for the Facebook event page

BBC Micro:Bit now available to buy !

On the techie side of things, I see that finally the Micro:Bit will be available to buy as well as being distributed to schools and pupils.

This is an excellent bit of technology for teaching coding, especially to kids, and if we get this side of the Shed up and running we will be needing some of them definitely !

BBC micro:bit learn-to-code device up for public pre-order in UK

Our website is born!

Along with all the other planning etc we need an online presence so here is our website!

If you have any suggestions of what should be in here but isn’t (yet!), or how the website could be better then please feel free to comment πŸ™‚